Top 10 Best Natural Disaster Movies in 2021 (World’s End)

 Top 10 Best Natural disaster movies in 2021 (World’s End)

Disaster movies are one of the cinema’s oldest genres. What Comes to your mind when we talk of a Natural Disaster Movie? Only Destruction – No! Amazing VFX, good storyline pulsating between plausibility and fantasy and sometimes a pinch of romance is what it takes for a Natural Disaster Movie to give spine-tingling excitement to us. As horrible things happen to the movie characters, we from the comfort of our seats get more thrilled. 

Of course, there is an ocean full of Disaster Movies floating around. Not all of them are worth your time and taste.

So, We have got you covered. Today we’ll be sharing with you The Top 10 Best Natural disaster movies in 2021 (World’s End).

10. Pompeii (2014)

Inspired by and based on a volcano -  Mount Vesuvius’s eruption, Pompeii directed by Paul W.S Anderson is a movie of eye-catching VFX and great fight scenes. Though the plot has a love story, it is cheesy and forgettable. 

The plot revolves around Milo; a slave turned gladiator falls in love with Cassia; a wealthy Roman merchant’s daughter. Things change when she is betrothed to a corrupt Roman senator. When the Mount Vesuvius rains lava down the city, Milo fights against time and rushes to save Cassia.

9. San Andreas (2015)

Ray Gaines; a rescue pilot tries to save his ex-wife and their only daughter – Alexandra Daddario when an earthquake of magnitude nine hits San Andreas. San Andreas is an American film directed by Brad Peyton and consisting of superstars like The Rock, Alexandra Daddario and Carla Gugino.

8. Deep Impact (1998)

Deep Impact is a Sci-Fi movie directed by Mimi Leder. The film shows the attempts to destroy an 11km wide comet set to collide with the earth and make humanity suffer for its worst.
The U.S government tries to keep this a secret but a journalist Jenny Lerner uncovers the truth which forces U.S President to disclose the mission. A team of astronauts will land on the comet and lay explosives to save humans from mass extinction.

7. The Perfect Storm (2000)

Based on a true story, The Perfect Storm is a Natural Disaster drama film directed by Wolfgang Peterson and Produced by The Warner Bros Studios.
The film depicts the lives of courageous men and women who risk their lives every working day. On the Halloween of 1991, they are confronted by three weather fronts which collide to produce the most terrific storm in modern history.

6. Twister (1996)

Twister is an epic disaster film directed by Jan de Bont with amazing VFX and significant sound effects. It became the second highest-grossing film of 1996 with $495 million worldwide collections.

A university professor Dr Jo Harding and a team of students prepare Dorothy’s prototype; a tornado data-gathering device with her ex-husband Bill’s help. Bill vows to help Jo deploy Dorothy before Jonas; who stole their idea and deploy his own and earn all the credits.

5. Dante’s Peak (1997)

Dante’s Peak is an American disaster thriller film directed by Roger Dolandson. The film’s plot revolves around Dante’s Peak’s fictitious town where the residents fight to survive a volcanic eruption.

A volcanologist Harry Dalton finally convince the unbelieving population of the town that a giant volcano is set to erupt. Only till he finds out that his two children had gone up the mountain to get their grandmother, he must rescue his children and grandma before the giant explodes.

4. 2012 (2009)

2012 is a Sci-Fi disaster film directed by Roland Emmerich with appreciable special-effects. 

Earth’s billions of inhabitants are unaware that the planet is about to end. The world leaders begin secret preparation for the survival of select high-class members of the society. This film’s plot revolves around a failed writer cum father who tries to lead his family to safety against all odds and regardless of Great Almighty’s fury.

3. Deepwater Horizon (2016)

Deepwater Horizon is an American disaster movie directed by Peter Berg, based on the drilling project in an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico.

The Deepwater Horizon drilling rig explodes, producing a massive fireball that kills several crew members. Banding together the crew members must find a way to make it out alive.

2.  The Impossible (2012)

The Impossible is a Drama disaster film directed by J.A Bayona.
Maria, Henry and their three sons begin their winter vacation in Thailand. But their holiday turns into a horrible nightmare when a tsunami swells up suddenly separating the family.

1. The Day After Tomorrow (2004)

The Day After Tomorrow is an American Sci-Fi Disaster drama film directed by Roland Emmerich.

Trying to get his son, Sam who is trapped in New York with his friend Laura, jack And his crew must travel by foot from Philadelphia, braving the elements, to get to Sam before it’s too late.

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