Top 10 Adult Comedy Web Series You Must Watch in 2021

Adult Web Series: There are many web series that involve action, horror, and other boring plots. If you are tired of these Hero-Villain series, then try this new category. A comedy web series with some adult fun will give you better enjoyment.

Eroticness, romance, and some drama will make you stick to these web series. Some web series teach us lessons like common teenage problems and the wrong human desire to achieve adulthood. You will surely enjoy funny moments and tricky storyline.

1. American Pie

Genre - Comedy, Drama 

Rating - 7/10

Storyline - This movie revolves around four friends who want to lose their virginity before completing graduation. They plan to lose virginity on prom night but only Jim Levenstein is able to do this. This movie became pop culture all over the world. This movie got so famous that the series got huge audience attention.

2. 17 Again

Genre - Comedy, Drama, Adult

Rating -  6.3/10

Storyline - 17 years old Mike O'Donnell is at the top of the world. He was the star player of the school basketball team. He started dating Scarlet, his classmate. But, suddenly things change when Scarlet reveals that she is pregnant during school scout check.

Both Mike and Scarlet decide to marry and do the same. But, after some years, Mike lost his job and became depressed. Scarlet was ready to divorce him and his son and daughter started disliking him. Meanwhile, his best friend advised taking advice from old Juniper. When Mike mates old Juniper, 

Juniper asks him if got a second chance. After some time, Juniper jumped into the river and Mike's attempt to save him was unsuccessful. After some time, Mike woke up and saw that his wish to get a second chance was granted. He was 17 again and had a chance to make a better future. From that point, the movie takes many turns that will definitely make you laugh hard.

3. Risky Business

- Comedy, Drama, Adult

Rating - 6.8/10

Storyline - Tom Cruise is in the main role in this movie. The movie showcases the teenage desire to achieve adulthood. The upper-class teenager converts his house into Prostitution after his parents go on the trip. Adult scenes with comedy moments. The movie got huge success commercially. Critics also appreciated the plot. 

4. Euro trip

Genre - Comedy, Drama

Rating - 6.6/10

Storyline - Scott Thomas is a high school student and a nice guy. He came across a girl on the internet and started chatting with her. 

After some time, he started falling in love with that girl and wanted to meet her. Meanwhile, the girl asks her to come to Europe to meet her and block him on the chatting platform. Scott's eagerness to meet his girlfriend makes him ready for a European trip. 

His friends also joined him. This trip from the USA to Europe takes many turns and starts creating many problems for Scott and his friends. 

This adventurous trip will definitely make you feel better. This movie is a better adult comedy movie. Xiund's audience appreciated this movie. The movie contains exotic filming of European trips, guy jokes, and crazy moments.

5. Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle

- Comedy, Drama, Adult

Rating - 7.1/10

Storyline - Two Asians Herald and Kumar who are addicted to marijuana make the movie more funny and entertaining. 

They try to indulge in delicious burgers. But, the nearest White Castle is not open. Hence, they decided to go to another White Castle which is not far away. 

Their journey to White Castle indulges many turn points and these turn points make us more entertained.

6. American Pie 2

Genre -  Drama, Comedy

Rating - 6.4/10

Storyline - Sequel of American Pie movie, American Pie 2 continue the life story of Jim and Michelle. 

Four main characters decided to attend summer camp. During camping, some accident happened and Jim has to pretend that he is dating Michelle for a week. 

But, both grow strong feelings for each other. This starts their relationship between them.

7. Sex Drive

Genre - Drama, Comedy, Adult

Rating - 6.5/10

Storyline - A young teenage boy, Ian met a girl online. She promises sex to Ian. Hence, Ian decided to meet her and decided to go on the journey. 

His two friends decided to go on the journey with him. His journey comes many acquired moments and makes Ian to be jailed. Many twists and turns glue the audience to the movie.

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